Far surpassed my expectations - Felicia

In my profession I have worked with countless lawyers in family custody cases and I had thought I had a sense of what makes a good attorney but my experience with the Duff, Kronfeld and Marquardt Firm far surpassed my expectations.

Over the course of the last year I filed a defamation suit and was given David Duff's name by a prominent attorney in this area who told me that David Duff was one of the most ethical and professional lawyers he knew.

He was right.

David Duff and Alex Lewis are quite simply the best attorneys in Northern Virginia. Their legal assistants, Danielle and Camille provided invaluable research, which together with their analytical skills pulled this case together. In keeping with the Firms approach, Danielle and Camille, were responsive, professional and made me feel as if I were their only client.

During the course of the past year, Alex Lewis and David Duff returned every phone call, kept me informed, and educated me on the complexities of our case.

However, it was in the courtroom and in front of a jury, that these two stellar lawyers shone. David Duff's consummate knowledge of law and his experience in a courtroom together with Alex Lewis's sharp intellect and knowledge of recent case law decisions were impressive and powerful.

They won, and they won with professionalism, integrity and high ethical standards. David Duff and Alex Lewis are what I always thought lawyers should be. They adhere to the standards of their profession and they have incredible litigation skills. They are an unbelievable force in a courtroom.

Highly competent family law attorney – Rubin

Mr. David Duff is a very professional and highly competent attorney who is well versed in the arena of domestic and family law. He demonstrates extensive knowledge and care toward his clients and their specific case. He is ready and willing to carefully listen to his clients and in turn, design a well thought-out and winning strategy. Mr. Duff is not only an honest and straight shooter, but also very sharp in dealing with courtroom matters. I would highly recommend The Duff Law Firm in any legal matter involving domestic and family law.

Alimony Modification Matter - Tom

Having a lawyer as a client is always a difficult proposition, but I can say without any equivocation or reservation, that David represented me with the highest level of professional competence. He was always responsive to and appreciated my endless questions. I was especially appreciative of his extensive experience and his logical and practical application of the law to my particular facts. I highly recommend David to anyone who is in need of a family practice attorney.

If you want to win... - Becky

. . . then you need to First Class representation of David Duff and the Duff Law Firm. Mr. Duff and his associates represented me in a complex civil litigation case during which the other side threw every possible charge against me except the kitchen sink and used no less than five attorneys from three different law firms, including alleged big guns from McGuire and Woods, to make their case. Mr. Duff stuck with me all the way and he, his associates and I worked together as a team during almost two years, a nonsuit and a re-suit, a win, an appeal a win of the appeal, and the final recognition of the other side that they were going to take me down. Mr. Duff always tried to keep my fees as low as reasonably possible too while still ensuring that I was as responsibly represented as possible. I will forever be grateful to Mr. Duff, Adam Kronfeld, Alex Lewis, and all of the special people at the Duff Law Firm for the exceptional handling of my case. You are - in a word - awesome!

Great lawyer - would never use anyone else! - Diana

David Duff has been my attorney for over 25 years because he gets positive results, knows his business, cares about his clients and gets the job done. I hired another attorney to do my divorce over 25 years ago and after a number of months and quite a large bill I had nothing to show for the time or money. I met David Duff and explained my situation - within two weeks of taking my case he had child support established and even got my bill from the other attorney waived. As a young mother of two going through a tough time, I finally had someone in my corner that I could trust. He helped me through multiple child support issues in the course of the divorce and deftly handled the separation of property.

David successfully litigated a financial issue with a custodial account for my daughter that was terribly mishandled. The case lasted almost a year and he never backed down - because of David my daughter's funds were salvaged and she graduated from JMU debt free. He also successfully negotiated a settlement with a large rental car company that was clearly trying to bully us.

He handles all my legal matters from wills to advanced directives and even my grown children now rely on him for legal advice and assistance.

When a person seeks out an attorney, it's typically accompanied by a host of personal emotion so having someone in your corner that you can trust and has your best interest in mind is crucial. If you want someone that will get the job done efficiently, effectively and successfully, call David Duff.

Exceptional ethics and expertise - Lizzette

I was a 25-year old going through a divorce, so that means 2 things: I was terrified of judgment and I had absolutely NO idea what I was doing. I heard about David and the Duff Law Firm through a friend and decided I would go through with a consultation. Nancy, who helps manage the firm, walked me through the entire process. She answered all my questions and reassured my nerves, never once making me feel ashamed of my situation. She made me feel very calm and empowered to take the next stop. When I met with David, I was still a bit nervous, but his personable nature and expert knowledge instantly reassured me that I was in good hands. He told me that my case was fairly simple, and walked me through the process and expenses. As my case unfolded, it became obvious that it wasn't as open and shut as we had thought. David and his staff did an excellent job at explaining WHY things were going differently than expected, and again, never hesitated to answer my questions. The staff communicated the finance portion in a very timely manner so I had time to prepare for payments, and I always received a copy of everything that was filed.

Even though my relationship with my ex was not hostile, they handled all communications with him, which helped us both heal on an emotional level. Duff and his team were courteous and civil with him and never once made him feel negatively about the situation. All in all, my divorce took about 6 months to be finalized. I feel like it was the right amount of time to process everything while reaching a timely resolution. I give David and the Duff Law Firm the highest recommendation for any family law needs. They work hard for their clients and are very experienced.

Very Professional – Marie

I hired David to handle my divorce. He was extremely professional, candid, responded to questions and concerns promptly and got me a fair and equitable settlement. He was efficient with his time and provided me with the confidence and comfort he was looking out for my best interest throughout the divorce process.

Excellent, compassionate attorney – Andrea

I am a single mom and hired David Duff for custody and child support. We managed to avoid court by his negotiating an agreeable settlement which saved a great deal of money, time and emotional stress. I will be forever grateful for his help and support through this most difficult time and would highly recommend him to others.

Knowledgeable and Professional! - Nicole

Mr. Marquardt assisted me with two different legal matters. He was extremely responsive, honest, and addressed all concerns expediently and competently. His professionalism and courtesy helped ease the stress of the legal situations. I highly recommend him for family law matters.

Separation/Divorce - Spectacularly Well Handled - Loren

I have nothing but glowing reviews for Mr. Marquardt. I retained him to handle my separation and divorce (with children involved), and can confirm he did an excellent job of communicating, with both myself, and the other parties involved, and with meticulous detail sorted out all of the pertinent issues and complications involved in any divorce where children are concerned (visitation, allocation of costs, insurance, travel, extracurricular activities, etc. etc.). I have even used much of the information he provided as guidance to others when they go to retain representation to make sure they ask detailed questions that could prove to be a major hassle if left unanswered through the divorce process.

Mr. Marquardt is a superior lawyer, I have sent several clients his way, and fully intend to do so in the future so they can be represented by the best.

Excellent Attorney - Felicia

Alex represented me on two complex cases. He is a lawyer who is thorough, courteous and extremely competent. I would not go to any other firm as he has clearly shown his dedication to providing quality service.